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 How to Insert GameSaves/Profiles Into Your HDD [PICS]

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PostSubject: How to Insert GameSaves/Profiles Into Your HDD [PICS]   Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:15 pm

This tutorial is meant for everyone who doesn't know what to do with gamesaves or profiles. Just in case your wondering, Ive made this tutorial.

1) Xbox 360 Transfer Kit
2) Xplorer 360 Download Here
3) WinRAR Download Here

The difference between Xport and Xsata are that Xport only connects to your computer. Xsata connects to both your computer and xbox.

What is the Xsata?
With XSATA you can free up hard drive space by transferring content between your console and your PC. Use your computer’s hard drive to store materials you’re not currently using, and transfer them back to the XB360’s drive when needed.
XSATA lets you free up hard drive space by transferring content between your console and your PC. Using your XBox 360 file manager software such as the free PC app Xplorer 360, you can use XSATA to transfer materials from your console's hard drive to your PC, using your computer's hard disc space to store demos, game saves and other such materials you're not currently using. When you need them again, just transfer back to the XB360's drive. Once the data is on your PC, you can email content not locked to your machine or L!ve account to your friends for them to use on their own consoles too. XSATA is a plug-and-play device that sits between your XB360's hard drive and the console itself. There's no need to remove your XB360's hard drive to use it. The PC and the 360 can then 'share' the HDD so it can remain in place at all times. To connect your console to your computer, just plug the supplied cable into the High Speed USB port on the back of XSATA and into any spare USB port on your PC. XSATA is USB 2.0-compatible, so you can expect ultra-fast transfer speeds of up to 480mbps. It looks great too, with blue laser light giving a real cool edge to your gaming machine.

Transfer data between your Xb360 and your PC.
USB 2.0 compatible.
Transfer speeds of up to 480mbps.
Email non-locked content to your friends.

What is the XPort?
With Xport you can back up your hard drive and your memory cards to your PC’s own drive, freeing up space for other projects. It also protects valuable data in case of corruption or accidental deletion.
It’s easy to use. Just plug your Xbox 360 hard drive or memory card into the dock unit, and connect it to your PC using a spare USB port. You can also install files from your PC to your console's hard drive, and inspect, modify and install files of your own using Datel's impressive XPORT 360 PC application. Download fan-created files and enhance your games in ways Microsoft never intended.

Transfer files between your PC and your Xbox360.
Works with XB360 hard drive and memory cards.
Docking station; Xbox 360 doesn’t to be near your PC.
Includes Xbox 1 memory card adapter
Transfer game saves from the internet to boost your achievements!

What is the XB360 Transfer Kit?
Transfer Kit allows you to move data from your Xbox 360 memory cards to your PC. By using your PC's HDD to hold back-up 'images' of your Xbox 360 memory cards, you can archive and restore them at any time.
Backing up your memory card couldn't be simpler. Using your Transfer Kit PC application and USB dock, you can save the entire contents of your XB360 memory card to your computer's hard drive as an 'image' file. Each image file automatically logs the time and date of backup, and you can add your own descriptions and file names, so you always know what's where. It's just as simple to restore an image file to your memory card too. Again using the PC application, just click on the 'Hard Drive' blade and you're shown a list of backed-up memory card images, replete with the date and time at which they were saved and the name and description entered when you backed up. Just plug in your USB dock and an XB360 memory card, and you can restore the image file to the card and use the saves in your console once more. When you've archived your memory card, you can email the backed-up image to your friends and share your saves with friends from all over the world. As long as the save or downloaded file is not locked to your own console or Xbox Live account, they can then use their own Transfer Kit to unpack it onto a memory card and use it themselves.

Transfer saves, downloads, user data and more.
Share saves, themes and gamer pics with other users all over the world.
Includes media manager PC app to help organise your backed-up files.
Easy to use.
You need never run out of memory card space again.

Once you have those, were ready to get started.[I will show profiles first and then gamesaves afterwards.]

Download the profile and extract it into your desktop or any folder that you like. This is where WinRAR comes in handy

Once you've got that done, open up Xplorer 360. Go to Drive/Open/Harddrive or MemCard. Depending on how fast your computer is, it may take a while to load.

Once thats done, go to Partition 3/Content. All the folders below are the profiles on your harddrive except the folder named 000000000000... This is where your going to need to insert your downloaded profile. Right click and select insert folder, not insert file. A screen will pop up showing to select a folder, go to the folder that you've downloaded and select it. If your lazy like me, you can just select your folder on your desktop and simply drag and drop it into Xplorer 360.

This is how it should look like...

When your done injecting the profile, this is where it should be

Now just put your harddrive back into your Xbox and check to see if it worked. Congratulations, you've just successfully injected a profile into your harddrive. Now go have a party, get wasted.

...but wait, before you do anything, your going to have to know how you SPG. Awww, party's over and your not getting laid tonight.

How to SPG [Credit goes to Jabs]

What you need to do this glitch:
Any Xbox 360. Updated, unupdated, etc.
Xbox Live GOLD accounts work best. I have not thoroughly tested this out using silver accounts. Some variations may work for silver accounts but the intent of this thread is for Xbox Live GOLD accounts.
Two controllers.
Two profiles. One that has a bunch of achievements on it. This is called the SOURCE profile. The other profile is the DESTINATION profile, or the profile that you want to get unlock achievements on.

How to perform the glitch:
1)Sign in to your SOURCE profile on controller #1.
*Do NOT sign in on controller #2.*
2)Start the game up.
You may or may not have to actually load the game (load the save for that particular game). It really depends on what game you are performing the glitch on as they vary.
3)Press the guide button on controller #2.
4)Press the X (blue button) on controller #2.
5)Put controller #2 down.
6)Sign in to the DESTINATION profile on controller ONE #1.
At this point you should be able to perform the glitches below. Good luck and enjoy!


Gamesaves and profiles are 2 totally different things. Some games require gamesaves to get the achievements, while other require profiles.

*Note that your need to have a save for the game in order for your this to work. Otherwise, whats the point?

Extract the gamesave folder to your desktop using WinRAR.

Afterwards, follow Steps 2 above.

Go into Partition 3/Content. Your going to need to locate your profile. Its usually the one under the folder named 000000000000000. Click the plus sign to expand it and see the sub folders. This is where all your gamesaves are located.

Im going to be inserting a GH2 gamesave. You can do this with any gamesave, but im using this one as an example. Just in case, EACH GAMESAVE HAS ITS OWN FOLDER, so dont go jamming everything into one folder.

Now to insert the gamesave. You can do this in 2 ways.

1) Make a backup copy of the folder that your going to replace and save it somewhere in your computer. Then delete it from your harddrive and insert the downloaded one.

2) Go into the folder with the gamesave that your going to replace. Then go into the sub folder and your gamesave should be there. [Ex) Id go into folder 415607E7 and go into the sub folder and in that Ill find my GH2 save.] Make a backup copy of that gamesave on my computer and delete it from my harddrive afterwards. Then insert the gamesave that you downloaded in its place. NOT THE FOLDER. ITS INSIDE THE FOLDER.

This is how it should look like if you do it the 1st way

...And the 2nd way

And now you should have the gamesave in your HDD.

Start the game and see if your gamesave worked. In some games you might have to beat a level to get the achievements or kill someone or something of that nature.
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How to Insert GameSaves/Profiles Into Your HDD [PICS]
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